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Caravan Employment Services is a Nepal government-certified manpower agency (License No.363/059/060) with exceptional expertise in overseas recruitment. Our innovative workforce solutions connect human potential to drive business success.

We pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled level of service to both clients and candidates, exceeding expectations by understanding unique requirements and sourcing only the most qualified candidates.                  


Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering globally competitive manpower resources to our clients. We are committed to


At Caravan Employment Services, our vision is to be at the forefront of creating and delivering exceptional manpower and services that empower our clients

Key Objectives

1. To provide our clients with services of the highest quality and greatest possible value.

2. To manage our business with the utmost integrity

Message From Chairman

Caravan Employment Services Private Limited boasts decades of unmatched experience and comprehensive knowledge in the regional business environment, which enables us to aptly comprehend the specific needs and demands of our clients. Our unwavering focus is to provide top-tier services, and we put our clients’ satisfaction at the forefront, as we believe that it is the key to forging strong, long-lasting business relationships.

Our profound commitment to supplying manpower dedicated to efficiency and quality has earned us a significant place in the global economy, and we take immense pride in contributing to it. We recognize that people are the driving force of any industry, and we prioritize our responsibility to cater to their well-being and growth. 

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"We are highly committed to ethical and fair recruitment for superior client services and their success"

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We take great pride in sourcing professional workers with the right skills, experience, and qualifications to meet client needs. Using a range of strategies, including a rigorous and thorough recruitment process, cutting-edge technology, and targeted outreach, we identify and attract top-performing candidates to ensure the best possible fit for every role.

Skilled Manpower

We excel at sourcing highly skilled workers, using a variety of strategies to identify top-tier candidates who possess the expertise and qualifications needed to drive the success of our clients. With a rigorous and comprehensive recruitment process, we leverage our extensive network, cutting-edge technology, and targeted outreach efforts to find the best possible match for every role.

Unskilled Manpower

We are committed to providing our clients with a diverse pool of talented candidates, including unskilled workers. We understand that unskilled workers are a vital part of many industries and play a critical role in driving business success. To source the right unskilled workers for our clients, we employ a range of sourcing strategies, including targeted outreach efforts, comprehensive screening, and skills assessments. Our goal is to find the right unskilled workers who possess a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and a positive attitude to help our clients achieve their goals.

Recruitment Process


Application and Shortlisting:

Upon receiving recruitment permission from the Ministry of Labor, we advertise the job vacancies through various media to attract qualified and interested candidates. Our recruitment committee then scrutinizes the applications and shortlists candidates based on the employer’s requirements.



The shortlisted candidates are then sent to the employer for final selection. If the employer prefers, we can assist in conducting the interview process. We ensure that all necessary assistance and logistics are provided to ensure a smooth interview process.


Medical Examination:

After successfully passing the interview phase, the candidates undergo a medical examination in an authorized hospital or clinic to ensure their physical fitness for foreign employment. Only those who pass the medical examination are eligible to sign the employment contract.


Time Required for Recruitment:

Once we receive all the necessary documents, we can dispatch the recruited person within one month.


Passport Assistance:

We assist the selected candidates in obtaining their passports as quickly as possible.


Visa Stamping:

We arrange for the stamping of visas on the passports of the selected workers in collaboration with the employer.



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