Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process


Application and Shortlisting:

Upon receiving recruitment permission from the Ministry of Labor, we advertise the job vacancies through various media to attract qualified and interested candidates. Our recruitment committee then scrutinizes the applications and shortlists candidates based on the employer’s requirements.  




The shortlisted candidates are then sent to the employer for final selection. If the employer prefers, we can assist in conducting the interview process. We ensure that all necessary assistance and logistics are provided to ensure a smooth interview process.


Medical Examination:

After successfully passing the interview phase, the candidates undergo a medical examination in an authorized hospital or clinic to ensure their physical fitness for foreign employment. Only those who pass the medical examination are eligible to sign the employment contract.


Time Required for Recruitment::

Once we receive all the necessary documents, we can dispatch the recruited person within one month.


Passport Assistance:

We assist the selected candidates in obtaining their passports as quickly as possible.


Visa Stamping:

We arrange for the stamping of visas on the passports of the selected workers in collaboration with the employer.


Final Labor permit and insurance:

We obtain the final labor permit, arrange for insurance coverage for the selected candidates, and complete all necessary formalities prior to ticketing for their departure.


Ticketing and Immigration Clearance:

We obtain necessary immigration clearance from the Department of Labor and complete all formalities for departure. The employer may require to remit necessary travel expenses for the selected candidates, and we may arrange the necessary arrangement for the deployment of candidates.


Orientation before Departure:

We provide a basic orientation to selected workers before they travel abroad. During this orientation, the workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and given firsthand information on the work environment and salient features of the laws of the country of employment.